The Final Stretch

IMG_0269 (1).JPG

The basement/garage conversion ADU is nearly done. 

I had an initial Certificate of Occupancy inspection, and it didn't pass. There was a minor change required for the plumbing: a drain needed to be added from the water heater. And, the egress window was obstructed from opening the full way. 

We made the corrections, and the next final inspection comes later today. I'll report back in my next post about how that one goes. 

Not passing the Certificate of Occupancy inspection on the first attempt is common. Similarly, getting preliminary drawings rejected on the first attempt is common. But, persistence pays off in these matters.

The ADU is going to be featured as a part of Design Week Portland next week, which I invite you to attend. I'm using that event as my internal 'deadline' to have the place looking finished, or almost finished. But, inevitably, there will be more to do before it's actually ready to be lived in.