Cabinet, Tiling the bathroom

We finished the painting, and jumped into custom cabinet construction. I hired a builder to make them for $10K. I could have gotten them from Lowes/Home Depot for $8K, but there were some odd configurations and matching cabinet doors that I needed to do elsewhere in the ADU, so it made sense for me to go with custom cabinets this time. 

I've been doing the bathroom tiling myself. I received a bid for $6K for the tile. So, by doing it myself, I managed to save $5K in out of pocket labor expenses. I got all the material for $800. It will end up taking me 50 hours to do the job myself. So, it's certainly been a good way to save some money, but it's only been possible to do this because I have dedicated myself to doing to doing it. This would not be an easy job to do on the side, as the set up and breakdown for each session of tiling takes an hour in itself. 

Next, I'll be moving on to the flooring while the cabinet maker finishes up the cabinets.