Adjustment Application Process Continued

This week, I took official ownership of the house. I also got notice from the City that my initial adjustment application wasn't complete, and needed some modifications.

Namely, I had to revise a reference that I made to setbacks

33.110.220 Setbacks A. Purpose. The setback regulations for buildings and garage entrances serve several purposes:

to instead be a reference to provision

33.266.120.A. Purpose. The size and placement of vehicle parking areas are regulated in order to enhance the appearance of neighborhoods.

It's pretty inside baseball stuff. The reason I mention this is to help explain that this zoning stuff gets pretty complicated. 

I'm an expert in ADU code in Portland, and still, this codes was too specialized for me to know about. Typically, an architect/designer would handle these types of application nuances on behalf of a client, but I was handling the adjusment application myself. 

Now that I've revised the application, the City can initiative the adjustment (aka variance) process. They're going to reach out to neighbors next. Then, the City will take in feedback, and make an official determination about whether the adjustments will be granted. This will likely take 6-8 weeks.