Chapter 7: What Is Distinctive About Developing and Inducing ADUs

I'm pleased announce that my book, Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to ADU Development, is going to be available in January, 2018. 

Backdoor Revolution is structured for two audiences. The first part is for homeowners who want to build an ADU. The second part is for policy makers and advocates who want to know how to spur more ADUs in their jurisdiction. 

If you're interested in reading a sample chapter, you can sign up to get Chapter 7 from the ADU book page (January, 2018- the free chapter is no longer available).

This chapter appears halfway through the book though, and is relevant to both homeowners and planners & advocates. It offers considerations and insights into the following characteristics about ADUs:

  • how ADU developers are distinct from those of other housing types
  • why permitted units are rarely found in today’s housing stock
  • what institutional elements are unique to their development
  • what conditions will help them flourish
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